No.1 Bent Street
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The menu at No.1 Bent Street is constantly changing and evolving. It is entirely dependent on what is best and most brilliant at the markets on any given day. What you eat here on Tuesday you may not find on the menu on Thursday…

We haven’t singled out any suppliers on our list simply because ALL of our suppliers are incredible. We have scrupulously sourced only the freshest, most local and seasonal produce. All our meat is sustainably farmed, grass fed, hand reared and hormone and chemical free.

We support only the most sustainable and ethical farming.* One of the backbones of our cooking and philosophy is the principle of sharing, of celebrating food and eating as you would at home with family or friends. The menu at No.1 Bent Street is designed to share.

As a guide, the list for today is laid out in order of “light” to “heavy” – “small” to “big” we suggest you order a few lighter dishes to share and then a couple of more substantial dishes with extras/sides.

Be bold, get stuck in, enjoy the process.

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